The Story


You have found the Undie Classic Story! The brothers of the Mu Psi chapter of the Sigma Nu Fraternity here at UCF are extremely excited about our philanthropy and newly created tradition as we begin the countdown to our 8th annual run. Beyond the fun of running around campus in your undies, this event, at its core, is philanthropy. As members of the UCF community, it is our ardent duty to support those less fortunate than ourselves in all ways possible. Through our Undie Classic, we are able to donate clothing to Goodwill Industries of Central Florida, a Company that provides thrift goods at a low price, while also providing employment to a large number of Central Florida parents and families. The Undie Classic was first dreamed up by, then Senior, Steven Harowitz, and then executed in 2009 with the help from Sophomore Joseph Lebowitz. Together they developed an underwear run that operates differently than any other in the country. The run was designed, and will always be, operated with a philanthropic focus. The run, a classic throwback to old college traditions, is now being presented as a celebration of the generous donations of UCF’s student body. To differentiate the run even further, Steven and Joseph designed “stations” to be placed along the run to make the jog even more enjoyable and engaging for those taking part.

The run would not be able to occur without the support for Goodwill Industries of Central Florida. From the start, Goodwill has supported us and guided us as we aim to make a lasting impact on the Central Florida community. UCF’s open-mindedness also played an integral role in allowing this event to take place.

The brothers of Sigma Nu look forward to many more successful years of operation, and we all thank you for your interest in our cause!


The Undie Classic at UCF Event Coordinator