The Run

Want to see more? Take a look at the Central Florida Future’s coverage of The Undie Classic :

The main activity of “The Undie Classic” is the run itself. The run will be a safe and secure chance for students to run through our beautiful campus wearing just their “undies” while at the same time helping benefit Goodwill Industries with clothing donations.

The run will be approximately 1.5 miles starting at the Lake Claire, through Greek Park, around the beautiful Reflection pond, into the Student Union, down Memory Mall, and back up to Lake Claire.

While on the 1.5 mile run, you will encounter multiple stations to add a little bit of a twist to the run. You will have the opportunity to run through stations such as the spirit station, water station, misting station, crowd support station, and even a techno station! There will be other surprise stations as well as so keep your eyes open during the run!

The Route


 *Disclaimer: Running stations subject to change to comply with University requirements